Steina is a pioneering video artist who has been producing work since the 1960s. She founded The Kitchen in 1971 with her husband, Woody Vasulka, and has explored the entire range of possibilities in video art and electronic media.


Selected Works

Violin Power, 1969–1978
1/2" Open Reel video, b&w, sound, 10:04 min
Pyrospheres, 2002
Video Hi-8, color, sound, 5:57 min
Bad, 1979
3/4" U-matic video, color, sound, 2:10 min
Twisted Water, 2004
Video Hi-8, color, sound, 4:33 min
Pergament, 2014
Digital video, color, sound, 12:31 min
Vocalizations, 1990
Four video/eight audio channel projected video environment / color, sound, 15 min



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