Rintaro Hara’s seeks to embody aspects of science fiction, films, and computer games so that the boundaries between reality and the virtual world become fluid and indistinct.


Selected Works

Himmeli-Reflection, 2015
straw, motor, black light, fabric
Uplift and Slope, 2016
styrene balls, motor, nylon thread, wood
Drip Machine, 2015
motor, relay switch, chain, wood
Phantasmagoria (Rintaro Hara + Yu Hara), 2015
screen, motor, OHP sheet, halogen light
Snow Balls in Mid-Summer, 2014
styrene balls, motor, nylon thread, wood


BERG  Contemporary
BERG Contemporary
Smiðjustígur 10
Klapparstígur 16
101 Reykjavík
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