Monika Grzymala at Hamburger Kunst­halle
March 1, 2023
FUTURA brings together a group of around thirty international artists who deal in their work with fundamental questions regarding temporality, sustainability and visions of the future.
Visitors are taken on a mental journey into the future, inspiring the ques­tions: What is time and how can it be represented and measured artistically? FUTURA expands on these issues to ask how we can shape the future and what art as an aesthetic category can contribute to a »future as a form of thought«. Bogomir Ecker, who is curating the show together with Brigitte Kölle (Head of Col­lection Contemporary Art), has designed the exhi­bition space as an associative and experimental framework for FUTURA. In an arrangement that resembles a playing field, he used recycled museum inventory to build a backdrop for manifes­tations of matter, change and transformation processes that also serves as a plat­form for the works of the participating artists, which includes Monika Grzymala.

The exhibition is on view until 10 April 2023.
To view further information and an extensive list of participants, please click here.
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