Image courtesy of the artist and the Reykjavík Museum of Photography.
Katrín Elvarsdóttir at the Reykjavik Museum of Photography
September 17, 2020
On September 19th, a new group exhibition opens at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography, featuring the works of Katrín Elvarsdóttir. Titled Distance and Intimacy, Contemporary Icelandic Photography, we hear the voices of some of those who have made their mark on contemporary Icelandic photography over the past two decades. Visitors are invited to “see more” and to consider what happens when one looks at photographs for a long time. The photographs have been selected on the grounds that each individual image speaks in its own way to our time. Some depict reality in an uncompromising manner, while others lead us into confusion. All make us think about current affairs and take a stance regarding life and the society of which we, and they, are a part.

The exhibition will be open from 19 September 2020 to 10 January 2021 and is curated by Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir. It showcases the content of a new book, Fegurðin er ekki skraut. Íslensk samtímaljósmyndun. (Beauty is not an ornament. Contemporary Icelandic Photography).
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