Image courtesy of Gerðarsafn, Kópavogur Art Museum.
Haraldur Jónsson in Gerðarsafn, Museum of Kópavogur exhibition
January 13, 2024
The exhibition Ordinary Pictures shows the photographs of Ívar Brynjólfsson in dialogue with the works of Haraldur Jónsson, among other artists, such as Emma Heiðarsdóttir, Joe Keys, Kristín Sigurðardóttir, Lukas Kindermann, Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir and Tine Bek.

Their works share a common element in that they pay the utmost attention to the smallest details, distort everyday life by flattening it or transforming it in various ways. During the exhibition, a conversation develops between Ívar’s series of photographs from 1991-2023 and sculptures, video works and photographic works by the other artists which arise from our perception of the world around us.

The exhibition opens in two stages, the subject matter and the approach of the artists developing and changing between the exhibition spaces.

Ordinary Places will open in the west hall of Gerðarsafn on January 13th, where photography is examined with works that refer to non-places, the everyday and its distortion.

Ordinary Pictures opens in the east hall of Gerðarsafn on February 10th, where the practicalities of photography will be explored with references to the nature of the medium itself and the relationship between photography and science, as well as natural phenomena.

For further information, please visit the website of Gerðarsafn, Kópavogur Art Museum.
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