Finnbogi Pétursson at Persons Projects
February 15, 2023
Finnbogi Pétursson is part of the exhibition A Line Has Time in It – Revision at Persons Projects, Berlin.

David Hockney, once said, "drawing takes time, a line has time in it.” Inspired by this, Persons Projects put together a group exhibition exploring the various approaches that shift the parameters of understanding what a line can be in the context of a drawing. These selected artists use a multitude of different materials as well as the passage of time to express their conceptual propositions in visualizing these linear representations.

Furthermore, the exhibition text reads:
"The best way to describe Icelandic artist Finnbogi Pétursson’s process of working is to imagine what the center of the Earth might sound like: He creates a bridge between science and nature, examining the very essence of sound and silence through installations that utilize one substance to investigate the properties of another. He refers to himself as a visual artist interested in the behaviour of sound, drawn to what he calls ‘the in between’– not necessarily the amplifier or the guitar, but what happens to the sound waves between the two, and how you can manipulate it. In Nodes (2019), thin metal straps rotate and create delicately vibrating drawings. The movement is caused by the rotating metallic apparatus, reminding the viewer of the visualisation of sound itself. Pétursson’s ability to illustrate the intangible and invisible in his artworks has become his trademark."

The exhibition is on until 25 February 2023.
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