Finnbogi Pétursson at Neskirkja, Iceland
November 27, 2020
Finnbogi Pétursson opens a new exhibition, Hljóð, at Neskirkja in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland this upcoming Sunday.

The exhibition consists of three works, Logg Loops (2020), Centre (2006) and Traps (2005), which all focus on his conceptual approach towards sound. His newest work Logg Loops, focuses on the gatherings of old radio broadcast material from the 1980s, once preserved by Icelandic law. Authorities quickly came to realize that it is an utterly hopeless task to collect every radio broadcast there is, and discontinued their task. And here, these reels have turned into a cement of sorts, after years of closed storage. If their murmur can be played at all, they will only be played once. After that, the tape is ruined. Their sound is preserved, like a modern-day fossil.
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